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3 Incredible Tips for Establishing a Self-Care Routine in 2023

The saying goes: New Year, new me, but when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, habit forming should be your priority. For those looking for health and success, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to establish a self-care routine that will elevate your day-to-day life. 

This article will provide three tips to get your self-care routine under control in a way that will set you up for success, improve your mental health, and bring you joy!

3 Incredible Tips for Establishing a Self-Care Routine in 2023

1. Make Self-Care Your Number One 2023 Resolution:
As you accomplish taking care of yourself, you will notice that your other goals will naturally fall into line. Are you trying to lose weight? Having an established routine in which you take care of yourself will help. Or, if you are trying to get a promotion, better hygiene, better sleep, and improved mental health will help. The more you focus on your self-care, the more you will see results in other areas of your life. 

2. Start Small, then Expand:
When it comes to self-care, you will see people preach about having a dozen things that they do in the morning and a dozen things that they do in the evening before bed. If you are not currently sticking to habits, adding a lengthy to-do list will be stressful. Instead, start with 2-3 tasks in the mornings and 2-3 in the evening. From there, if there are more self-care items that you want to add to your routine, you can do so once the others are already established habits for improved success! 

3. Pat Yourself on the Back for Your Current Routine:
Some things count as self-care that we think of as expected, but you should still be proud of yourself for doing them daily. Reward yourself for completing the habits you are already completing, such as teeth brushing, showering, and face washing. Even the items that are societally expected of you are something to be proud of! Taking care of yourself is important. Cheers to getting a fresh start to the new year!

New Year’s resolutions are important, but self-care should be a priority. Establishing a routine will help improve other areas of your life. Start small, then expand as needed. Be proud of yourself for completing even the most basic self-care tasks!

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